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Quality Control

Spring Wind Products for External Use

The development of all Spring Wind products for external use stems from our practice and study of the traditional medicine of ancient China. The herb composition of all of our products is based on the theories and formulas of classical literature tempered with the clinical experience of our teachers and ourselves. Because Spring Wind is an importer and distributor of bulk Chinese herbs we have strict control over the quality and accuracy of the herbal ingredients in our products. This, combined with our pledge not to use petroleum products, parabens or other questionable chemicals in our products gives us confidence that we are producing products we can stand behind.


  • No animal testing (except on human animals)
  • Vegetarian (there is however, beeswax in several of our products, please see ingredient lists for details)
  • All-natural ingredients; no carmine, lanolin, GMO’s, parabens, artificial coloring or isopropyl alcohol
  • Quality herbal ingredients that we source ourselves

Spring Wind Bulk Herbs (Practitioners only)

We are of the belief that most Chinese herbs should only be used under the supervision of a trained practitioner. Because of availability and pricing Spring Wind carries several grades of bulk herbs. Please see the practitioner section (available to registered practitioners) for specific information about our various grades of bulk herbs and the testing protocols each grade requires. The majority of our grades follow the following standards:

  • Tested for a wide range of pesticides (only a reading of ND (none-detected) is accepted)
  • Carefully checked to insure correct species identification
  • Organic when available
  • Tested for sulfur dioxide gas fumigation (only readings of 1ppm or less are accepted)