A man out standing in the field of Chinese herbs: a conversation with Andy Ellis • Qi013

This is an episode on the Qiological Podcast by Michael Max.


Andy in a field of Feng Han Mu Dan Pi

In this episode we take a look at some of the common concerns practitioners have about herb quality, issues surrounding the use of pesticides, heavy metals and sulfur. Additionally we discuss how the concerns of Western herbalists has to some degree changed the herb market and growing practices in China.

In the later part of the show we explore the use of granulated formulas. Explain why the 5:1 concentration that most products tout is misleading. Why crafting formulas and dosing granules is not the same as dosing raw herbs because granules are a fundamentally different medium of delivering herbs. And finally, how we can begin to think about dosing this herbal product that is fairly new on the Chinese herbal medicine scene.

If herbal medicine is part of your practice, you'll want to listen in to this conversation!

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