We welcome you to our web site. On this portion of our site we offer products that we feel are appropriate for sale to the general public. These products fall into two broad categories; Products for External Use and Chinese Herbs for Use in Cooking

Products for External Use

Products for external use are further divided into Skin Care Products and Products for Muscles and Joints. All of our products are drawn from the traditional medicine of China. They are made with natural ingredients. We do no animal testing and use no petroleum products or parabens in production. With the exception of beeswax, our products contain no animal substances. Please see the menus to the left to explore our products.

Chinese Herbs for Cooking

All herbs that we offer on this portion of our site have been tested for pesticide residues. The tests detect over 135 pesticides (up to 250 or more depending on the herb). We try to offer organic herbs whenever available. Spring Wind has been selling Chinese herbs to the practitioner community for over twenty years, now we offer a few select herbs for healthy cooking.