Now Proudly Distributing Sun Ten Concentrated Single-Herb & Formula Granules and Formula Capsules


We are happy to announce that Spring Wind has been approved as a distributor for Sun Ten concentrated granules.

This line of granules complements Spring Wind bulk herb and granule offerings by giving our customers more choices for their patients. The Sun Ten line of formulas is very complete, and their formulas are available in both granule and capsule form. Sun Ten's single-herb granules complement the Spring Wind granules line by providing choice and variety.

A Little History - Why We Like Sun Ten

Spring Wind's relationship with Sun Ten dates to Andy Ellis' early days in Taiwan in the 1980s. Andy has worked with Sun Ten on several projects over the years and has great respect for the company. Sun Ten's founder spent years studying in Japan and subsequently introduced this modern, convenient method of herb prescribing to Taiwan. With their long history, Sun Ten leads the industry with the most experience in concentrated granule production. They have innovated much of the technology that they use in their manufacturing facilities, winning numerous awards from the Taiwanese government.

In choosing Sun Ten, Spring Wind has a partner with whom we have a long history. For many years now, we have purchased some of our bulk herbs from Sun Ten's own supplier in China, and thus have insight into the quality of herbs that Sun Ten uses in their granules. We have always maintained that concentrated granules are only as good as the herbs used to produce them.

Spring Wind has chosen to work with Sun Ten also because we share core business principles. Aside from the emphasis on quality that both Sun Ten and Spring Wind adhere to, both companies have a similar approach to education. We make efforts to educate our customers about important aspects of Chinese herbal medicine. We do our best to keep educational efforts separate from our business goals.
Spring Wind is a practitioner company, and as practitioners, we have used Sun Ten concentrated granules in our practice for many years.

Please see below for a comprehensive video about Sun Ten: