Spring Wind Concentrated Granules

For many years Spring Wind has wanted to bring to market a line of granules that meet the same high standards that we apply to our bulk herbs. We discussed this idea with many manufacturers but we could not find one who were able and willing to meet the strict requirements that we put forth. In the last few years, our primary supplier of bulk herbs finally agreed to work with us to create a product that is made from the same quality herbs that Spring Wind sells. This means using Spring Wind quality bulk herbs, processing them as carefully as our bulk herbs and testing each lot of product for a large range of pesticides.

Spring Wind is a small company with limited resources. For this reason, and because of the difficulties imposed by our strict requirements, we will roll out our granule program slowly. We hope to add most of the commonly used items quickly and then to begin adding less frequently used items. Eventually, we will have a substantial line of single herbs and formulas. We appreciate your support as we develop this line.

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The unique features of Spring Wind Granules can be summed up as follows:

  1. Quality source materials: Spring Wind Granules are manufactured by our main supplier of Spring Wind Bulk Herbs -- Huisong Pharmaceuticals. Spring Wind granules are made with herbs of the same excellent quality you have come to expect from Spring Wind bulk herbs; carefully chosen for quality, proper processing, and correct species identification.
  2. Unparalleled testing protocol: Each herb granule undergoes not only government mandated testing of microbes, heavy metals, loss on drying, etc., but also are tested for a full range of pesticide residues (see #4 below).
  3. Complete transparency: A Certificate of Analysis for each item is available on the web site. Thus, practitioners can see the complete testing results including:
    - a full list of the pesticide residues for which the herbs are tested
    - source herb to final product extract ratio
    - percent of carrier in the product
    - heavy metal test results
    - microbiologic test results
  4. Thorough pesticide testing: In-house pesticide testing for 278 pesticides is used for all granules. We hope this becomes an industry standard as presently most companies do not test concentrated granules for pesticides or test for only a small number of pesticides. Spring Wind has been testing Chinese herbs for pesticides for more than twenty years. We therefore have a good knowledge of which herbs tend to be subject to pesticide contamination. For these herbs the in-house test will be reinforced with a test at an independent laboratory. We only accept an ND (None-detected) testing result. Compare this to other companies who accept certain levels of pesticides in their products.

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