Cultivating the Wild: Growing Chinese Herbs in the West • Peg Schafer • Qi079

This is an episode on the Qiological Podcast by Michael Max


As herbalists, we know a thing or two about the therapeutic application of botanicals. But the lifecycle of plants we work with, the way they interact with their environment, the differences between cultivated and wild medicinals, and the farmer’s eye that takes in the influence of weather, the rightness of soil, companion plants, insects, nutrients and stressors, all these are hidden from view when we are not connected to the growing and harvesting of the herbs we use.

Cultivation is not just giving the plant what it wants. It also includes giving the plant what it needs so it can develop its medicinal properties. And there are risks when bringing a plant from one ecosystem to another. What lives in balance in place could become an unrestrained problem in another.

Listen into this conversation on the challenges, risks and opportunities of cultivating Chinese medicinal herbs in the west.

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