Spring Wind Policies During the COVID19 Pandemic

As our business returns to what we will, for the sake of simplicity, call normal, the following policies will be in place:

  •  If you wish to change your credit card on file or give us a new credit card, please call us Monday-Friday 9-5 Pacific time. Alternatively, you can email us at customerservice@springwind.com and tell us a good phone number at which to reach you. We will call you as it is not safe to transmit credit card information via email or leave it on voicemail.
  • Orders should ship on the same day the order arrives or the following business day.
  • As usual, we can ship orders to you or directly to your patients. Please indicate which you desire by providing the shipping address you want to use. For drop-ship orders we include a packing list in the order and email an invoice to the practitioner.

Please note that Spring Wind is a practitioner company. Started by a practitioner (Andy) and employing several practitioners. We see suffering and we want to help patients to heal. It is our natural instinct. We will do our best to keep coming to work and sending out the herbs you need to do your job. Thanks for trusting us with your herb needs.

We will all be required to sacrifice in the coming months as this pandemic dramatically changes our daily life. It certainly points out the interdependence of all life and especially the dependence we all have upon each other. Please know that those of us at Spring Wind are working hard to do our part to provide the herbs and service you have come to expect from us.

 We wish you the best in these difficult times.